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WELCOME! Welcome to the Technology Integrated Into Learning & Teaching (TILT) wiki! This site is a place to ask questions, share lessons and ideas and generally collaborate with other teachers in 4J. Please visit often and feel free to make your own changes. Check below for directions on how to contribute to this wiki.

TILT stands for Technology I ntegrated into L earning and Teaching and that's what this wiki is all about. We want to help one another become more effective at incorporating technology in our instruction and collaboration is a great way to accomplish this. So, please share what's working for you, helpful links or any other serendipitous moments!

NETS*S The National Education Technology Standards for Students are the foundation for how we design our professional development as we work with teachers on new strategies and methods for integrating technology across all content areas.

These standards are an excellent tool to use to help guide your planning as you incorporate technology in your curriculum.

4J Instructional Technology Integration Guidelines


The 2007-2008 TILT participants created this outline with ideas of how to integrate the NETS*S in language arts instruction. See if you can find something you could use or add some new ideas!


The National Educational Technology Standards now have a teacher's version, as well. This is a great tool to use as a guide for your own professional development.


The 4J TILT blog has some tools and information you might find useful. Also read through some of the teacher's comments and contact them for more information and to collaborate.

Uploading Files

If you have a great lesson you'd be willing to share, you can upload that by doing the following steps:
  1. Choose the page (from the left hand column) you want to add content to and click on it
  2. Click Edit This Page
  3. Click on the Tree icon in the Editor toolbar
  4. Beside Upload New File, click on Browse
  5. Find the file you want to upload
  6. Click Upload
  7. Once it's finished uploading, double click on the thumbnail of that file
  8. Now it's transferred to the wiki page
  9. Click Save - Don't Forget This Step!

Workshop Evaluations

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Fall 2009 Survey

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Winter 2008 - 2009 Survey

Simple K12 Assessment

Online Subscriptions

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