Maintenance Suggestions

  • Apple software updates (Apple, Software Updates, Install) - you can set this to check automatically every week
  • Microsoft autoupdates (listed in Applications directly above the Microsoft Office Suite folder) - you can set this to check automatically every week
  • Disk Utilities: Repair Disk Permissions (Applications, Utilities, Disk Utilities, Choose your computer Hard Drive, Choose First Aid tab, and select Repair Permissions)
  • Clean out e-mail mailboxes - remember to empty Trash folder (Remember that your mail trash is different than the trash on your dock, the trash in your iPhoto, etc.) Click here for helpful information from Mary Hochberg's blog
  • Back up your files (see section below)
  • Cleaning your computer: clean the screen with a soft cloth dampened very slightly with water, keyboard and deck can be cleaned with q-tips/cotton ball with a small amount of alcohol. (Before any physical cleaning make sure your computer is shut off and unplugged from power)
  • Computers have been transferred to schools. Checking out technology equipment for the summer will be processed through the school. The current Equipment Checkout Form is located on the Risk Management site.
  • If you leave your computer at school over the summer make sure it is locked in a secure area and remove the battery. (Check with your school TSS)
  • VirusScan update -

Backing Up Your Files

We all know we should do it but we often don't. Here are instructions for backing up to the Files1 Server.
Save yourself from the disaster of losing all your files! For files1 troubleshooting tips click here
You can also follow this link to view a screencast of the steps.


This PowerPoint has some quick, easy, basic information about your computer. It's focused on the Leopard operating system but a lot of the information is applicable to Tiger as well.

Also, check out the OSX tutorials page for more detailed information about shortcuts and new features in Leopard.

Having problems with Appleworks documents in Leopard? Here's a link with some helpful ideas.


All these shortcuts use the command/'puppy paw'/open apple key (to the left and right of the spacebar on your keyboard) and another letter. Also available is a printable PDF handout of common Mac shortcuts .

Command A - choose all the text in a document
Command S - save what you've been working on
Command B - bold the highlighted text
Command I - italicize the highlighted text
Command U - underline the highlighted text
Command C - copy the highlighted text
Command V - paste the highlighted (copied) text
Command X - delete the highlighted text
Command E - center text
Command L - left justify text
Command R - right justify text
Command O - open a document from your finder
Command N - open a new page/document
Command Z - undo previous action
Command T - open a new tab in Safari or Firefox

Opening With Rosetta

Having problems opening programs that use Shockwave? You may need to reconfigure your settings. For more information you can read this article from Apple.
Here's how you can force a Universal application to open using Rosetta:
  1. Click the application's icon in the Finder, such as Safari's icon.
  2. From the Finder File menu, choose Get Info (or press Command-I).
  3. Select the checkbox named "Open using Rosetta."
  4. Close the Get Info window.

Clip Art

Discovery education clip art click here
'Awesome' educator clipart, click here
Teacher files clip art click here