Once you start using a Document Camera you'll wonder how you ever taught without one! This tool allows you to involve more students in your teaching, saves you time, and lets you display any type of object.


Basic Set Up

Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial on how to set- up your document camera.
Click here for a quick, easy-to-follow screencast on how to install the software for your document camera.

Here are some helpful hints when setting up your Aver 150 document camera and taking pictures.

Schematic - here's a very basic schematic to follow when setting up your document camera with a projector and laptop.

CP150 Set Up

To set up your document camera with a projector and a laptop, follow these steps:
1. VGA cable from computer to Document Camera RGB Input port
2. Second VGA cable from Document Camera RGB Output port to projector port


CP150 Plus SMART Board Set Up

Connect your laptop to the projector using a VGA cable
Connect your document camera to your laptop using the brown USB cable that came with your document camera
Open AverVision on your laptop
To view full screen, click on View>Full Screen
You can now work in Ink Layer

Be sure you've updated your software to the latest AverVision version by clicking on the Downloading Software link below. The CD that came with your camera will NOT have this update.

AVerVision CP150

To download the software for your CP150 document camera, insert the CD in your computer.
Double click on the AVerVision CD icon on the desktop.Picture%201.png
Double-click on the Mac folder
Double-click on the AVerVision box icon
Follow the installation steps
The software is now installed in your Applications folder

Downloading Software

CP 150 (this one has a dial on it)
Click here to download software for the AverVision CP150. Once you are on the page, choose "AVerVision Mac Software"

Once you're on the page, click the last option: external image arr_download.gifAVerVision Software (v. - Mac 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, 10.3 Panther

Aver 150 (this is the one with buttons, not a dial)
Click here to download the latest software needed if you want to take pictures with your Aver 150 document camera and save them on your laptop or use your doc cam with your SMART Board. Click on the appropriate version of laptop to begin the download.

Anti Glare Sheets

If you have misplaced the anti glare sheet that came with your document camera, you can order more by going to the link listed below, scroll down to Accessories, and choose Anti Glare sheets.
Anti glare sheet order link

Helpful Ideas

101 Ways to Use a Document Camera

Click here for Ideas on How to Use Your Document Camera

These are some ideas from document camera workshops that might be helpful.
-Use a butcher paper mat underneath with drawn out areas for the location of the camera and the items/ paper to be shown
-anti glare sheets come with cameras
-option for connectivity to a microscope with a connector piece
- can focus on an angled surface
-”Freeze” able to take away the object- wont save
-”capture” saves the image of the object in the document camera’s memory (up to 32 pictures)
-use as an alternative to scanner-digital student work portfolios- kids can still keep their work, and i can save a copy
-can be useful during a science unit (plant growth, butterflies). At the end of the unit the class can go back and look at the growth or changes in their experiment. Good for catching up absent students.

Animation Movies

Using your document camera.
This is a fun and easy way to make an animation movie using your document camera.

Set your document camera up to take pictures of your background and claymation or other figures
Move your items in small increments and take a picture of each move
Label your pictures 1-?
If you keep them in numerical order on your desktop, you can drag them as a group into iMovie
Drag your pictures into iMovie
Change the time each slide is shown to the shortest time possible (1 second)
Add titles and credits

Classroom Ideas


- manipulatives
- graphing
- show the steps in a word problem
- use a spinner
- number blocks

Science -

- examining rocks, plants, leaves, creatures
- dissections
- fossils
- chemical reactions
- step by step experiments

Language Arts

- use the Freeze button to show a picture from the book you're reading and then continue walking around the room reading the story
- revisions (take a picture of the rough draft, take a picture of revision)
- handwriting demo
- pictures (background knowledge, story starter)
- puppet show
- fluency practice (show text line at a time)


- clay projects how to
- model paint strokes


- show fingering
- theory (show notation)

Social Studies

- original (or copies of) documents
- pictures/photos (Rain Forest, Greek columns)
- items or artifacts
- maps (both drawing and showing)

This link will take you to the AverMedia lesson plan site.


Mary Hochberg has posted some helpful hints when using your doc camera. Click here to access.