If you use Google mainly as a search engine, you may be surprised at all the other things you can do with Google tools! Check out some of the ones listed below to spark your creative juices!

4J Access

Click on this link to access the 4J Google Apps site.

Google Docs How to

Google Docs is a service that allows you to easily create
and share word processing documents, presentations,
spreadsheets and forms online. You can invite others to
simply view your document, or you can allow them to edit
as well. Like a wiki, Google Docs also keeps track of
changes that your collaborators make. This makes it easy
to revert to past versions of the document if you wish to
discard changes that were made.

Click the handout below for step by step, 4J, specific directions.

Google Docs

This Google Doc handout has helpful information and directions for using Google Docs in your classroom. Please note that the section on creating accounts is not relevant to us as all 4J students and staff already have an account using their 4J email address.
Click here to access the handout.

Google Docs video

This Common Craft video will give you an overview of what Google Docs are all about.


My Spring Break with Google Earth

Google maps
Phil Biggs has created a wonderful site that walks you through using Google maps for all kinds of applications such as history, geography, even creating family trees.
Google Lit Trips

helps literature come alive as students can see the actual places where stories occurred.

Google Tools PowerPoint:

Google Calendar: click here to access David Nelson's Google calendar document


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